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Paper Creations Paper Craft -rect

Our Heathcote Store is Open!

174a High Street, Heathcote Vic, 3523

Our Physical Store is open again, Fri-Sun, 10am to 1pm

School Holidays Kids Clay Play


School Holidays Kids Clay Play

What your child gets for your 1 hour

  • A portion of clay to make anything they want
  • Guidance from an experienced teacher
  • Firing your work (note this is done after the class and you will have to return to pick it up – we will notify you)


Please note the following terms and conditions for our Pottery Classes and Workshops

  • A Parent or Guardian must be present for the full hour
  • Ages 8+ only
  • Classes/Workshops must be paid in full prior to commencing the first lesson.
  • Paper Creations Paper Craft does not guarantee or warrant any pottery suitable for any purpose.
  • We are not responsible for any damages or losses from firing your work in our kiln.
  • Pottery Students work with clay at their own risk.
  • The studio, shop and 10 meteres around the property is a no smoking area
  • Drinking of alcohol is not permitted.
  • The staff reserve the right to reject any booking. If this is done you will be notified and refunded.
  • If a deposit is taken it is not refundable.
  • These terms and conditions do not form the entirety of our terms and conditions.

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