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Diamond Paintings

You need to buy our extraordinary diamond painting supplies because this is the new craft project you’ve been wanting to try!
Diamond painting is the insanely fun and satisfying creation of spectacular paintings or images, using small, diamond-shaped resin pieces that are stuck onto the ‘painting’ surface using a special tool.

Completely unique, diamond painting is guaranteed to bring you so much enjoyment as you watch your painting come to life while keeping your hands busy. We are confident that before you know it, you’ll love diamond painting as much as we do!

Some days, you just want to get lost in a brand-new type of art without having to learn complicated steps and processes in order to do it. Diamond painting is the most user-friendly craft we know of. A great craft for beginners, you can be sure that even if you have never been ‘into’ art or crafts before, diamond painting is so easy to do.

That’s because the diamond painting process does not involve mastering a paintbrush or pen, or the ability to compose an image from scratch. Instead, diamond painting involves sticking small resin pieces, or ‘diamonds’, by matching their corresponding numbers onto a pre-drafted canvas layout.

This means that all you have to do in order to watch your diamond painting grow is find the right number on the canvas to match your diamond piece and stick it there. You won’t find any other craft that is so simple, satisfying and fun!
You’ll love our remarkable diamond painting kits so much; you’ll want to give one to everyone you know!
We have some incredible diamond painting kits for sale online, and we know that you’ll absolutely love them. Our kits come in a wide range of themes and images, so there is something for everyone. We also stock individual packs of different coloured diamonds and glue or wax, as well as the other components, such as individual application tools, trays other equipment.

Diamond painting is perfect for anyone who has always wanted to be more creative but hasn’t had the confidence to try. If you are someone who has a process-oriented mind and likes to solve puzzles or complete jigsaws, you’ll also love the soothing aspects of getting lost in diamond painting.

Piece by piece, you will watch your diamond painting grow and develop into the masterpiece that it is destined to be. With every diamond that you apply, your diamond painting will look a little more like its final image, giving you endless hours of focused relaxation and enjoyment.

Diamond painting is a great way to forget everything else that’s going on and experience truly being in the moment while doing something that will ultimately result in a beautiful work of art that you can be proud of.
Our exceptional selection of diamond painting kits and supplies include

Complete diamond painting kits in a wide range of themes, images and patterns
Diamond painting application tools
Application wax and glue
Individual trays for separating and applying colours

Imagine how lovely it would be to hang your very own framed diamond painting on your wall. Not just satisfying to look at, your completed painting will become a talking point when your family and friends discover that you have created this amazing work of art. You’ll be left with such a glow of happiness; you’ll be ready to start your new diamond painting straight away! Just as importantly, you will have inspired your friends and loved ones to try diamond painting too.
You won’t want to miss out on our superior range of extraordinary diamond paintings and equipment because we offer you the best prices online!
We make it much more affordable to participate in your favourite new hobby by offering you the best prices online, in Melbourne and around Australia! You’ll absolutely love being more creative and will reap the benefits of spending quality time unplugging from electronic devices and being in the moment.

Shop online today to purchase your new diamond painting kit. If you require any assistance, you can contact our friendly Customer Service Team. We are always happy to help you.