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pottery tools

Pottery Tools online
Here is a list of essential pottery tools:

Clay – This is the most obvious and essential ingredient for pottery.
Pottery wheel – This tool is used to shape and form the clay into the desired shape.
Kiln – This is used to fire and harden the clay.
Clay tools – There are a variety of tools that can be used to manipulate and shape clay, including sculpting tools, carving tools, and texturing tools.
Ribs – These are used to smooth and shape the clay while it is on the pottery wheel.
Sponge – This is used to smooth and remove excess water from the clay surface.
Needle tool – This is a thin, pointed tool used for carving and detailing.
Slab roller – This is a machine that is used to roll out flat, even slabs of clay.
Calipers – These are used to measure the thickness of the clay or a finished piece.
Templates – These can be used as a guide for cutting out shapes from clay slabs.

I hope this list helps! Let me know if you have any other questions.