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Colouring Pencils

Colouring Pencils Online.
We know you want to buy brilliant, top-quality colouring pencils, and we have exactly what you require!
Owning the right set of colouring pencils for your craft projects is essential. But how to choose? There are lots of options available, so we’ve gathered what we consider to be the best, most affordable collection of high-quality colouring pencil sets for you to choose from.

Colouring pencils are the perfect medium for so many different paper craft projects. They are exceptionally portable because they are so easy to carry or pack into luggage. They are also mostly mess-free, with no annoying clean-up required after use.

Finally, coloured pencils can be used in so many amazing ways, and they offer the artist greater control over detail, shading, line work and colour blocking. This means that using colouring pencils is a great way for beginner artists and craft makers to start exploring their untapped creativity. Don’t be put off though; colouring pencils can still be used by professional and experienced artists to produce amazing results by employing different techniques. 
You’ll want to buy our incredible coloured pencils online because we understand what artists want!
Stocking the best range of colouring pencils and colouring books means understanding what artists want the most. Quality and value are very important and so are the textures, consistency and saturation of the pigment in the waxy lead at the centre of each pencil. We know what artists want and we build our range around these guiding principles.

Our excellent range of coloured pencils for sale has something for every artist and craft lover. Perfect for shading, layering and blending, our coloured pencil sets are chosen for their potent depth of colour and soft, smooth cores that sit inside easy-to-grip wooden barrels. Use them for detailed work in portraits or landscapes, or to express your thoughts and emotions through the blending of colour, ideas and shapes in figurative or abstract works. Whatever way you want to use them, our colouring pencils are the perfect mixture of quality and value, meaning that you can get to work on your next project while still sticking to a sensible budget.
Our vibrant range of colouring pencils

Are perfect for beginners, professional artists and craft makers
Are ideal for art or craft that requires the use of a range of different pencil art techniques
Comes with easy-to-grip barrels
Contain buttery, soft, thick lead cores or hard cores that contain dazzling pigments in a large range of colours
Are ridiculously easy to store and transport
Minimal fuss and minimal mess

You’ll love our exciting, colouring pencil sets so much that you’ll find it difficult to stop at buying just one!  Get your new creative project going today with a new set of our high-quality coloured pencils. We have the best colour pencils in Melbourne and Australia! 
Our colouring pencils will empower you to create the extraordinary art and craft that you want!
Paper Creations Paper Craft has the amazing, top-quality colouring pencils that you have been looking for. Quality and value have come together in these exceptional colouring pencil sets, and they will empower you to use and release your imagination whether you are a beginner or an experienced artist.

Shop online today and purchase your next set of incredible colouring pencils. If you need any assistance, you can contact our friendly Customer Service Team. We are always happy to help you.