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Papercraft Calendars
Our mini papercraft calendars are great to make little give aways, cards with “save the date” or use the removable calendar pages in your next scrapbooking project.

A great calendar doesn’t just offer you information about days, months and years. It also provides you with a memorable visual experience that you can reflect upon and associate with the quality of the time you spend doing the things that you love to do. The perfect calendar doesn’t have to cost the earth, but it does need to bring you a sense of pleasure, happiness, joy and satisfaction to assist you in building a positive mindset!
Mini Craft Calendars Online
Our calendars have exactly what you want in a visual reminder of each day, including the things that give you a mental and emotional energy boost and match your unique style. We have versatile craft calendars for you to create the type of calendar that you can remain interested in for the duration of the year. You will take delight in our selection of outstanding calendars, as each one offers you a combination of stunning and original themes and artistic elements. You’ll be able to appreciate your everyday plans while at the same time planning and looking forward to the special events and celebrations that make your life vibrant, interesting and full of joy! 
You’ll want to plan your year ahead on one of our superb calendars because they offer you everything you require and more! 
If you are looking for inspiration to make each day a great one, look no further than one of our beautifully designed, magical calendars. Each one has its own unique look and feel, allowing you to feel truly connected to and in love with each day, rather than dreading having to plan ahead, follow a schedule or just mark the passage of time. Our inspirational calendars are designed and made specially to uplift you and bring style and entertainment to your world. Instead of seeing each day in black and white (unless you really want to, of course!), our calendars offer you the chance to choose how you colour your days, what flavour you want to bring to each moment, and an opportunity to really enjoy planning your weekly schedule.

Imagine how brilliant it would be if your life was just a bit, or a lot, more organised. Now as the question, how am I going to get there? The answer is by using one of our beautifully designed, fabulous calendars! It’s no surprise that people who use calendars are more organised than people who don’t because they have mastered the skill of artfully mapping out the schedule of appointments and events or activities that make up every person’s life.  That’s why we take pride in providing you with our selection of mini craft calendars for you to choose from. With one of our calendars on your wall, you’ll gain a much better sense of control over your schedule, meaning that you can feel more relaxed at the beginning and the end of every day. That’s the beauty of a calendar- it’s there to hold all of the details for you so that you can get on with doing the things that you love the most in life.

When you make your own calendar, you are in charge of choosing and coordinating all of the artistic elements (and we have the art supplies for that too), so you get to decide how you want to colour your days for the coming year! This includes

Selecting a theme that you connect with
Finding the font/fonts, borders and grids to go with it
Or try a pre-made calendar grid that you can add your personal touch to
Deciding on images (hand drawn, personal photos or stock images)
Choosing the paper/cardboard in the colour you want

Creating your own, personalised calendar has never been easier and Paper Creations Paper Craft has everything that you need to get started. Putting your own touch on every day of the year is so special, and we know that you’ll love everything about it too. 

You’ll want to buy from our superior selection of remarkable calendars online!
Our superior selection of remarkable calendars and calendar-making materials are available for sale online. We have the best range of calendar making products in Melbourne and Australia, and we know that you’ll be excited to experience the joy of creating your very own personalised calendar this year. Even better still, you can make them for your friends and loved ones as well.

Shop online today to purchase everything that you need for your next paper craft project or calendar-inspired item. Turn them into gifts and share the happiness with the people you love. If you need any assistance, our friendly Customer Service team is always happy to help.