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Pens and markers

Pens & Markers Online
We stock top quality markers and pens so that you can create the art and craft that you want.
Making great art and craft requires great markers and pens. That’s why we stock top-quality markers and pens so that you can create the looks and effects that you want. Our range of markers and pens offers you a cross-section of the many different types of pens and markers on the market. From water-based to gel or alcohol, we have markers and pens to satisfy every project.

Requiring virtually no preparation time is not the only advantage that comes with using markers or pens in your art or craft project. Since their initial conception, markers and pens have been an extremely popular medium for a very wide range of functions. Great for lettering, labels, card making, colouring projects, line drawing, scrapbooking and graphic art, markers and pens are an exceptional way to express yourself. From bold, vivid colours to rich metallics or simply black, our awesome selection of markers and pens will inspire your creativity and keep you immersed in your projects for countless hours of joy. 
If you want exceptional markers and pens for your art or craft project, we have exactly what you require in our online store.
We love using markers and pens at Paper Creations Paper Craft, and we rely on them heavily for a wide range of things. Having a set of great markers means that you can use them in a wide range of settings. Depending on the brand and type that you get, you should be able to create stunning, bold effects on paper and a range of other surfaces. Equally, a set of fantastic fine-liner pens will give you the ability to add finer details to your work.

Whether you have a preference for one over the other, or even need a set of each, our range of markers and pens will impress you with their durability, surface coverage and colour quality.
If you don’t know a lot about markers, here’s a quick run-down.
They come in either permanent or non-permanent colours, depending on their base. Alcohol markers are permanent markers, that will write on or mark just about any kind of art surface and, depending on the surface, will give you that glossy finish. Water-based markers are non-permanent and take longer to dry. Finally, solvent-based markers offer mostly permanent colour and are great to use on a wide variety of different surface types.

We have a set of awesome markers and pens to every kind of art and craft project. Thick or thin bodied, you we give you the range of choice that you want at prices that you can afford.

Our collection of markers and pens includes:

Permanent (or alcohol) markers and pens
Non-permanent (or water-based and solvent) markers and pens
Fabric markers and pens
Water-based markers and pens
Paint pens
Fine liner pens

Enjoy shopping online with us for all your papercraft supplies or scrapbooking supplies, markers, cardstock and pens. You’ll love being able to select from our top-quality paper craft supplies from the comfort of your couch. We have the best markers and pens for sale online! 
You’ll want to choose from our amazing collection of markers and pens, because we stock the best quality products at prices you need.
We stock the best quality arts and crafts supplies at affordable prices! That means that you get great value for your money, as well as the satisfaction that comes with completing your exceptional art and craft projects.

Take a look at our fantastic collection of markers and pens in our online store and take advantage of the quality and savings that we have to offer you. If you have any questions about our products, please contact us. We are happy to help you.