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What are the essential scrapbooking supplies for beginners?

10 Jan 2023 | Craft Supplies & Products

What are the essential scrapbooking supplies for beginners
What are the essential scrapbooking supplies for beginners

What are the essential scrapbooking supplies for beginners?

Scrapbooking is a fun and creative hobby that allows you to preserve and display your memories through photos, embellishments, and other decorative elements. If you’re just starting out in scrapbooking, here are some essential supplies that you’ll need:

  1. Scrapbook paper: This is the foundation of your scrapbook page and comes in a variety of colours, patterns, and textures. You’ll need different kinds of paper for different elements of your page, such as background paper, patterned paper, and cardstock.
  2. Scissors: A good pair of scissors is essential for cutting paper, photos, and other elements to size. You’ll want a pair that is sharp and precise, and one that can handle different types of materials.
  3. Glue or adhesive: You’ll need a good quality glue or adhesive to hold your scrapbook elements in place. There are many different types of adhesives available, such as glue sticks, liquid glue, and foam squares, so choose the one that works best for your needs.
  4. Photos: The main focus of your scrapbook will be the photos that you include, so be sure to have a good selection of pictures on hand. You can also include other mementos such as ticket stubs, postcards, and small trinkets.
  5. Embellishments: These are the decorative elements that add personality and style to your scrapbook page. Examples include stickers, die cuts, buttons, and ribbons.
  6. Stamps and ink: Stamps and ink can add an extra layer of interest and detail to your scrapbook page. Choose stamps that match the theme of your page, and select ink colours that complement your paper and embellishments.
  7. Pen or markers: You’ll need a pen or markers to write captions, journaling, and other details on your scrapbook page.

I hope these suggestions are helpful as you begin your journey in scrapbooking!

Samantha West

Samantha is the founder of Paper Creations Paper Craft. With a long history in childcare and kindergarten teaching, crafting, especially hand made cards and scrapbooking, came naturally to her. Sam has run the business for over 7 years.